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The Humble Store launches huge Spring Sale - here are the highlights

Jonathan Lester
game keys, PC games

The Humble Store launches huge Spring Sale - here are the highlights

The Humble Store has launched an enormous Spring Sale, including a huge swathe of discounts, publisher sales and even rolling daily deals. It's a big one, folks, and there are some serious bargains to be had. Here are some of the smartest bargains for your convenience and pleasure, all of which are games we can vouch for personally. We've linked directly to some of our reviews just to make things even easier.

"The story and its characters are timeless in their good humour and quality, and in that respect, this Remaster should hold almost as much joy for newcomers as it does for returning fans." - 8/10

"Super Time Force delivers the depth of Braid with the intense SHMUP satisfaction of an old-school run and gunner" - 9/10

The Humble Store launches huge Spring Sale - here are the highlights

"Courting your potential feathered suitors is rewarding and frequently hilarious, while eventually unravelling the story's darker elements bring the real heft and value to the experience." - 8/10

"A deeply atmospheric, emotionally compelling game that manages to treat war as a serious topic and examines the hard choices made by those caught in the middle of conflict." 9/10

"Almost Human Games have succeeded perfectly in their remit: to create an authentic old-school dungeon crawler that brings the genre back to life without compromising the difficult, frequently infuriating gameplay in any way." - 8/10

"Insurgency strips back the bloated military FPS to its thrilling and authentic core; emerging fit, lean and all the better for it." - 8/10

Of course our American readers will get games even cheaper... as can us Brits with a little tasty VPN action. If you use Hola Unblocker you can get Just Cause for just £0.64, for example!

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