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Hustle Kings

Hustle Kings Review | Pocket Rocket Or Just Balls?

Brendan Griffiths
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Hustle Kings | Playstation Vita

Hustle Kings Review | Pocket Rocket Or Just Balls?

Platform: PS Vita (download only)

Developer: VooFoo

Publisher: Sony

A cheap price and pool on the go are certainly good ingredients for the Vita’s take on our favourite pub game. No arguments over whose 50p is on the table at 3am either, which is always a good thing.

A very long tutorial begins well enough by telling you how to use the three different cue shot methods and spin shots. But the help and controls for jump shots and straight backspin are terrible and anyone who can do these shots in real life will no doubt be shouting “Bullshit!” many times over.

Hustle Kings Review | Pocket Rocket Or Just Balls?

Hustle Kings likes to think that it’s cool, but the way jump shots are handled makes it look like a punk. You have to switch to ball-cam mode to see the trajectory of the ball, but you can’t tweak the aim from there, making it a long back and forth effort, only to fuck it up anyway. It should have been a fun part of the game, but you’ll learn to use the cushions instead.

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