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Hutchinson: Following Ezio Was A "Challenge"

Matt Gardner
Alex Hutchinson, Assassin's Creed III, Connor, Ezio, Ubisoft

Hutchinson: Following Ezio Was A "Challenge"

Assassin Creed III's creative director Alex Hutchinson has admitted that it was difficult to follow the charismatic Ezio Auditore da Firenze, but that new protagonist Connor has been "really rewarding".

“[Ezio's] so iconic, he’s over-the-top, he’s funny, he’s a juicy character to dig into,” said Hutchinson, chatting to OPM. “We just wanted to create someone who could stand up against the other two Assassins. Yes, [Connor] is a little bit more strait-laced, but it’s the story of his whole life. We really hope people get a kick out of him.

“We spent a lot of time working on this Assassin, trying to make someone who was compelling to people and seemed like a cool person to be. The fact that responses have been positive – we’ve already seen cosplaying and fan art – and people seem to really have adopted him, which was really satisfying.

“When you haven’t shown the new guy, you’re always worried that people won’t embrace him as they did with Ezio before. Overall, just the sheer excitement we’ve generated on a game that comes out once a year has been so rewarding. It’s tough for us. If something comes out once a year, people potentially get tired of it and we work on it every day. Getting people this excited has been really rewarding.”

Our Ass Creed III review is still on its way, mainly down to the fact that the game is ridiculously huge! But do you agree with Hutchinson's sentiments? We're not hugely convinced by Connor, but could be because he talks like terminally bored speech therapist.

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Doors  Nov. 6, 2012 at 15:02

I think Connor sounds a bit like Anakin Skywalker a mix of both Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen

MattGardner  Nov. 6, 2012 at 16:08

I think Connor sounds a bit like Anakin Skywalker a mix of both Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen

That's it!

Everywhere else you have some actually fairly good voice acting, but every time Connor speaks I have a sudden urge to be anywhere else doing something completely different.

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