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id Software: No "Cookie Cutter Multiplayer" In RAGE

Felix Kemp
id Software, RAGE

id Software: No "Cookie Cutter Multiplayer" In RAGE

id Software is keen on reminding us they invented the deathmatch mode in multiplayer; but that doesn't mean they'll simply follow this well-worn path with RAGE, their upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter. Speaking to CVG, Tim Willits confirmed the decision to omit a standard deathmatch mode was a conscious choice, as id Software don't want to simply include "cookie cutter multiplayer" in RAGE.

"Yes, Rage has a unique multiplayer experience that is not your standard on-foot deathmatch, which is something that we invented," Willits told CVG. "We wanted Rage to stand apart, stand by itself. We didn't want to follow the same cookie cutter formula that everybody else is doing. Instead we wanted to use our imagination and break away from that mode."

Instead of simply charging around a bunch of fetid, irradiated maps blasting away at opponents, RAGE throws you and your pals in a bunch of souped-up dune buggies and sets you against each other. "We feel the vehicle aspect of it is a lot of fun to drive, to shoot guys, to fight so we wanted to let people do that with their friends," explained Willits.

If you're a little disappointed to be missing out on multiplayer in RAGE, console yourself with the fact that co-op does exist; so you won't be alone as you fend off the mutated hordes. "You know, everyone likes to shoot things with their friends so we have the co-op element in Rage as well," Willits said. "e feel that it [Rage] has a very strong offering and that it's ok to do something different, since we actually invented it [deathmatch]." [CVG]

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shippyt  Aug. 12, 2011 at 08:18

I think they're missing a trick here in attempt to "break the mould", why would anyone want to make a shooter that has multiplayer but not a multiplayer shooter part!?!?!

noemail1  Sep. 20, 2011 at 18:06

Deal breaker for me.


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