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id Software: "Fans Will Be Happy With" Doom 4's Distinct Direction

Jonathan Lester
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It Won't Be "Re-Skinned RAGE"

id Software: "Fans Will Be Happy With" Doom 4's Distinct Direction

All eyes are currently on RAGE, id Software's upcoming postapocalpyptic shooter, but it's easy to forget that they're also working on the fourth iteration of the almighty Doom franchise. id Software have spoken out to assure fans that development is ticking along smoothly, and that segregating the RAGE and Doom teams will make both games completely distinct from each other.

Apparently us diehard fans will be "happy" with the result.

Speaking to Eurogamer, RAGE design director Matt Hooper explains that the two developent teams occasionally collaborate over technical matters, but that design direction is completely seperate. This should result in Doom 4 feeling and playing very differently from RAGE on subtle levels as well as the overt lack of vehicular carnage. Oh, and apparently it's "awesome," which is good to know.

It’s going great. It’s awesome. We have so many talented people, and as a company we’ve grown so much. But we’ve been able to keep [the Doom 4 and Rage development teams] separate. With Rage we’re concentrating on making our game as good as it can be. Those guys support us in whatever way they can. And we’ll do the same for them.

[The Doom 4 team] are going in their own direction. They’re doing something Doom fans will be happy with. I try to support them as much as possible. It’s a good thing. We’re separated enough to be able to go our own ways, but still connected where we can help facilitate both those directions.

Details are still extremely sketchy and there's no hint of a launch window at present. All we know is that Doom 4 is not a reboot... and it also won't be a true sequel to Doom III. Ladies and gentlemen, start your theorising! [EG]

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