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id Software Believe RAGE Is Better Than Doom

Felix Kemp
Doom 3, id Software, RAGE

id Software Believe RAGE Is Better Than Doom

No-One Is Surprised

We're all pretty excited for RAGE here at Dealspwn, but no-one is more excited than developers id Software, whose five year labor of love is finally nearing release. The studio has a rich legacy in the first-person shooter department, having essentially created the genre itself with the first Doom game. But according to CEO Todd Hollenshead, RAGE is, without a shadow of a doubt, better than Doom.

"Rage is a huge game," Hollenshead told Eurogamer during a chat at last week's QuakeCon. Their post-apocalyptic shooter is the culmination of five years work on new technology - courtesy of visual mastermind John Carmack - and id's vast experience in the genre they first forged. "It's the deepest game we've ever made. If I was as smart as John [Carmack] I could figure out the math of why it's bigger than everything else."

But how does it compare to id's legacy? Doom, Quake? "I compare it to Doom 3. Doom 3 was great when it came out. I loved that game," Hollenshead said. "But I think about the single-player experience for Doom 3 compared to Rage…" Hollenshead explains id have made serious strides forward in improving how they introduce players to a new world with RAGE; and they're pretty proud of it.

"I could take you over and say, sit down and play, and have complete confidence you'll know everything to do," he revealed. "But with Doom 3, when you boot up the game on the PC, there's no, like OK, your control is WASD. We had some very simplistic stuff, like, walk around behind a robot, in the opening level before the invasion happened, but that was our version of a tutorial I love the way we've done it in Rage. We teach you how to do everything that's integrated completely into the game so it's completely seamless to the player. Honestly, that's been one of my pet peeves with the company for years." [Eurogamer]



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