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Idiotic bomb threat stunt can't stop Watch Dogs setting records

Jonathan Lester

Idiotic bomb threat stunt can't stop Watch Dogs setting records

Despite Ubisoft's best efforts to create bad publicity with an Australian PR stunt that went horribly wrong -- to the extent of calling out the bomb squad -- Watch Dogs has been selling like hot cakes and shattered their previous sales records.

According to the Standard, Australian news outlet Ninemsn received a suspicious beeping package yesterday. A reporter had also received cryptic messages and hang-up calls, sparking fears that she was being target for unknown reasons. Suspecting the worst, the building was evacuated and the bomb squad promptly discovered that the package was just a copy of Watch Dogs along with some associated bumf.

Apparently Ubisoft called ahead with a message... that no-one received. Whoops. Especially considering that Ninemsn doesn't actually cover videogames at all, being a news service. What a royal cock-up.

Mind you, all publicity is good publicity. The fact that we're reporting on it means that Ubisoft arguably succeeded in getting the word out in spectacular style.

Regardless, the latest word is that Watch Dogs has outsold any previous Ubisoft title ever released in its first day on sale, proving more popular than the likes of Rayman, the Tom Clancy titles and Assassin's Creed. No actual numbers yet, mind.

We received our Watch Dogs review copy yesterday morning (thankfully without any worrisome bleeping, cheers UK PR) and will deliver our full review after ensuring that we've tested it to destruction. Meanwhile, let us know how you're getting on with it... and whether the ongoing Uplay PC issues have affected your experience.

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