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"[email protected] have been really great" - How Stealth Inc 2 sneaked around the Xbox Indie Parity Clause

Jonathan Lester
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"ID@Xbox have been really great" - How Stealth Inc 2 sneaked around the Xbox Indie Parity Clause

Earlier today, we reported that Stealth Inc 2 will be launching on PC, PS3, PS4, Vita and Xbox One next month. It's great news and a great game, but it did set our minds racing.

See, Stealth Inc 2 already released on Wii U, meaning that it contravenes Microsoft's controversial indie 'parity clause,' which states that games must release on Xbox platforms before or simultaneously with other consoles. What gives? How did Stealth Inc 2 manage to sneak around it?

"We’ve been working with Microsoft for many months now to work around some of the problems we’d initially had in setting up games, and the guys at [email protected] have been really great in addressing our concerns and helping us bring our games to the Xbox," Curve Studios' Rob Clarke told Dealspwn.com.

"In the specific case of Stealth we’ve been able to publish on Xbox One provided the Xbox version comes out at the same time as the PC and PlayStation versions, which makes sense both for us and for Microsoft fans, and in the future we’re trying to make sure all our new titles come to Xbox the same time as the other formats when possible. We initially found the clause difficult to deal with, but we recommend developers struggling with it to contact [email protected] directly and see what they can do for you."

Curve are not the first developer to have formed an arrangement regarding the clause -- after all, the likes of Outlast and more recently Rogue Legacy contavened its terms yet are now on or headed to Xbox One. We hope that Microsoft sees the wisdom in revising their policies soon, as developers are keen to bring games to the Xbox One and Microsoft ought to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Stealth Inc 2 becomes a multiplatform title in April. Why not read out full review?

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