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Ikaruga Blasts Onto Steam Greenlight

Jonathan Lester
Ikaruga, PC games, SHMUP, Stream Greenlight, Treasure

Ikaruga Blasts Onto Steam Greenlight

Retro SHMUP fans rejoice, for the mighty Ikaruga is now planning to release on PC by way of Steam Greenlight. This dual-polarity shooter originally released in Japanese arcades and the GameCube, offering some of the most balanced and versatile gameplay systems to ever grace the genre.

The proposed PC version is based on the 'XBLA tune-up version' and natively supports Xbox 360 controllers. It's clear that Treasure are trying to adapt to new business models, much like CAVE, so hopefully this will see more classic shoot 'em ups hit the PC if successful.

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Quietus  Oct. 4, 2013 at 11:12

I give it one day before it's got enough votes.:)

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