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Inafune: Blame Culture Ruined Capcom's IP Push

Matt Gardner
Blame culture, Capcom, Games development, Keiji Inafune

Inafune: Blame Culture Ruined Capcom's IP Push

Do you know why Dark Void and Bionic Commando went tits-up at the end of last decade? Ex-Capcom man Keiji Inafune thinks he does and, in a conversation with Joystiq, the Dead Rising man lays the blame squarely at the feet of warring factions between Western developers and Eastern publishers.

'[It's] very, very simple,' says Inafune. 'The publisher was Japanese and the developer was foreign. Even inside Japan, when you work in two different companies, they always blame each other for any small mistakes, so that's pretty much what happened in those two games - blaming each other.'

Inafune reckons that that the key is to focus on one's own task at hand. 'When I was making Dead Rising, I told my staff, 'Don't ever blame the other guys. Do your best, and just keep doing your work.' Dead Rising proved to be a critical and commercial success for Capcom and is now one of the their biggest modern franchises. However, since leaving Capcom, Inafune has 'heard that it's getting back like before - blaming each other'.

This isn't the first time Inafune's grumbled to the press, after all it was around this time last year that he declared the Japanese gaming industry 'finished' at TGS.


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