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Indie Fund Backs Kachina

Jonathan Lester
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Indie Fund Backs Kachina

Hole Lot Of Love

The Indie Fund, a big-budget incubator set up by Jonathan Blow and other independent luminaries, has thrown its support behind another innovative proposition. Kachina draws inspiration from Pueblo mythology, and casts players as the most unlikely of protagonists in the process. A hole in the ground.

Created by Giant Sparrow (The Unfinished Swan) developer Ben Esposito as part of last year's Molyjam festival, Kachina's protagonist is not the brightly-coloured character you'll see in the screenshot. Rather, it's the pit in the top left corner. Players will move their hole around the screen, sucking up objects and NPCs to increase in size, before spitting them back out to complete objectives and puzzles.

Kachina "takes place on the stage of the American Southwest, exploring the relationship between modern American and indigenous Pueblo cultures through themes of erasure and discovery." It's in development for PC, Mac and iOS, joining the ranks of other Indie Funded games like QUBE, Dear Esther and Antichamber (the latter which is currently 50% off on Steam).

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