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Indie Winter Uprising Part 1: Break Limit, Ubergridder & Asteroid Concern!

Jonathan Lester
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Indie Winter Uprising Part 1: Break Limit, Ubergridder & Asteroid Concern!

The Indie Winter Uprising promised to deliver us from mediocrity and cynicism... and there's no doubt that it has already delivered. What a week it's been. And what horrible irony that I wasn't around for the first few days.

Without further ado, it's time to start our epic roundup of the season so far. Be sure to check out our last Indie Game of the Week review for Epic Dungeon- as well as the official Winter Uprising site for the latest intel!

Break Limit

It looks like those dastardly Pylesians are up to their old tricks again. After conquering most of the galaxy, the deadly empire has to keep its feuding fiefdoms in order with an adrenaline fueled spectator sport. Piloting the blistering Break Ship, players will need to blast their way through twisting arenas filled with collectibles, enemies and obstacles to collect points and all-important velocity. Upon collecting enough blue orbs, the titular Break Limit kicks in and all hell breaks loose! It may be a tried-and-tested formula, but the action is frantic, fluid and extremely addictive. If a little on the short side.

The visuals are both attractive and functional, evoking plenty of nostalgia without sacrificing the ability to see incoming targets/hazards. It's also worth noting that Break Limit boasts an absolutely stellar soundtrack that complements the action nicely.

Like the best arcade shooters, Break Limit is short, sweet and absolutely ferocious. Future updates promise to add yet more content and tweaks... but let me assure you, it's already worthy of your meagre eighty points. You'll break the limit. You'll break the sound barrier. But you won't break the bank.


After your ship is beset by horrifying aliens, it's up to a plucky little repair bot to brave the ravening hordes and repair the damage. With the exception of a limited ability to slow down pursuers, our cybernetic hero simply has to avoid confrontation while moving through the entirety of the maze-like power grid. Next level, slightly different grid.

Stop me if this is all sounding a wee bit familiar. If you haven't quite cottoned on yet, Ubergridder is basically a Pac-Man clone that's set on a Space Opera background and accompanied by some pleasant music. Occasionally unresponsive controls infuriate every once in a while... but basically, if you enjoy the classic source material, you'll probably have fun with this one!

Ubergridder is a competent yet familiar little package. Whilst the core gameplay is extremely derivative, there's no denying that it's presented with genuine flair and panache. I'd suggest checking out the demo and seeing if it grabs you.

Asteroids Do Concern Me

"Oh great, here comes another twinstick Asteroids clone..."

... couldn't be further from the truth. Despite my preconceptions, the words suddenly stuck in my throat as I realised that, rather than a revamped clone of the classic arcade game, Asteroids Do Concern Me is an altogether different kettle of fish.

Controlling a small spaceship from a perpetually side-scrolling perspective, you'll need to master a single button in order to manipulate your altitude. Hold it down to ascent, drop it to fall and continually fan it to stay afloat. This may sound like an insultingly simple premise, but players will soon discover that an unexpected amount of depth and emergent compulsion lies behind the accessible trappings. Attractive graphics and a hilariously cute rainbow rainbow mode add substance to a potentially impressive little sleeper hit.

Rather than sticking to humdrum safety, Asteroids Do Concern Me charts a course through one-button territory and emerges victorious. Probably the most fun you can have with a single thumb... but then again, I've lived an innocent life.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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