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inFamous 2 Patch Detailed By Sucker Punch

Felix Kemp
inFamous 2, Sucker Punch
Infamous 2

inFamous 2 Patch Detailed By Sucker Punch

Improves UGC System

We're all quite excited for upcoming Cole McGrath add-on, Festival of Blood, releasing later this year, but Sucker Punch isn't neglecting its millions-strong inFamous 2 fanbase just yet. The fantastic User Generated Content system will be overhauled and improved with an upcoming patch addressing a number of issues raised by the community, such as Mission Linking, Mission Reviews and even being able to throw two bosses into a single user-generated map scenario!

So, epic single player behemoths, the Devourer and the Titan, are now 'placeable characters', which as you might expect means they can be placed in a map you're creating. They can battle each other if you like, or even pal up and be friends. They can even protect Cole should you wish to create an epic escort mission.

Next up, Mission Linking. Sucker Punch recognised that players were having a tough time creating a series of interlinked levels. Enter Mission Linking, which allows you to chain UGC together into a series of levels, ala the campaign. And what about Mission Reviews? How can you know if one of the 80, 000 or more inFamous 2 UGC levels is worth your time? Well now they can be rated on a scale of one to five, ensuring the good are recognised, and the bad ignored!

Check the patch out and tell us what you think! [Sucker Punch]

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