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inFamous 2 Preview | The Devil On My Shoulder

Felix Kemp
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Infamous 2 | Playstation 3

inFamous 2 Preview | The Devil On My Shoulder

I was a big fan of the original Infamous despite its myriad of shortcomings, so I welcomed news of a sequel with cheers of delight. Well, not quite cheers, more like squeals. And at their big press conference last week, in amongst news of PSP's successor, the NGP, bringing the likes of Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4 to the portable playground, inFamous 2 was being shown off in an overlooked corner of the room, championing the new morality system Sucker Punch has developed for wannabe superheroes and villians to explore. Read on to find out more!

Play Nice, Or Don't

inFamous 2 Preview | The Devil On My Shoulder

To demonstrate the choices you can make in Infamous 2, Sucker Punch had brought along a brand new mission where electrified superhero, Cole, must save a friend, Kuo, from a band of thugs holed up in an old mansion. Cole has two choices; buddy up with old pal, Zeke, and lead a police platoon to the mansion to execute a precise, exacting rescue op; or call on the similarly superpowered, Nix, to reroute a tram through the front-gate in explosive style.

If you're in the mood to do good and escort the police to the mansion, you must first locate the convoy mired in some trouble in downtown New Marais. Once found, it's up to you to remove the militia who've hijacked the convoy, firing off electric bolts from your palms or swinging Cole's brand new melee weapon, the Amp, to scatter fools like dice. With the convoy back in police control, it's simply a matter of escorting them to the mansion to finish the job.

But perhaps rescuing folks isn't your thing? Then side with Nix, a New Marais-native superhero, and find a disused tram idling on the side of the road. It's a little while away from the mansion, so Cole must rejig its motor with his electric powers and get it steamrolling through the street, before finally crashing through the wrought-iron gates and giving everyone inside a mighty scare. If you haven't already read Matt's roundup of Infamous 2's improved combat options and adversaries, do so now.

Just In The Nix Of Time

inFamous 2 Preview | The Devil On My Shoulder

Whatever moral compass you choose to follow in this mission, the result is - disappointingly - the same, culminating in a clean-up job inside the mansion, courtesy of Cole. However, both Kuo, the man you're saving, and Nix, who tempts Cole with the idea of the tram, personify the choices Cole must make throughout Infamous 2. Kuo is an NSA agent helping Cole solve the riddle of the Beast, his superpowered nemesis. He's the voice of reason, and is a basic approximation of the angel on Cole's shoulder.

Nix, on the other hand, is a little bit devilish. Hailing from New Marais, she grew up in the local swamps and festers with a hatred for Bertrand, the old man we've seen in a few Infamous 2 videos spearheading anti-superpower rallies. Like Cole, Nix has inherited a superpower, able to summon and wield a tar or sludge-like substance, great coils of it spewing from the ground. Nix's role is to present Cole with less altruistic methods of success, but she doesn't seem to represent a villainous side, just yet.

If you cast your mind back to the original Infamous when Cole was presented with a choice to make, it often resulted in a filter smearing the screen and Cole mumbling hoarsely to himself. Now, Sucker Punch is investing in Hollywood-grade cinematics, mo-capping digital performances and translating them straight into the game for poignant, engrossing scenes rather than cheap, stilted monologues.

Sucker Punch's demonstration ended with a teasing comic book vignette, where Cole rescues a friend slung up in a cavernous underground facility. He blasts the shackles with an electric bolt, freeing his captured friend and returning to the surface. However, it appears he's been duped, as the shackles absorb Cole's power and channel it into a series of chambers which suddenly light up. Mechanized soldiers burst from the chambers and begin their ascent to the world above. Which doesn't bode well for Cole and co...

Infamous 2 is shaping up nicely, but what other changes and improvements would you like to see Sucker Punch make? As always, sign off in the comments section below!

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Dan  Feb. 5, 2011 at 13:55

I'm starting to get really fed up with this sort of game. They're going to have to do something special!

dave  Feb. 6, 2011 at 02:38

I loved Infamous. Absolutely loved it and i only played it a few months ago.

But this new voice actor sounds terrible. I can't say how disappointed i am by the "new" cole. The story was what made the first one so great for me and this is a bummer to say the least.

The game looks great but in the end it being fun is what matters. I don't care about graphics.

Felix Kemp  Feb. 6, 2011 at 19:38

I agree. Nothing was particularly wrong with the original Cole, voice and appearance included. He was generic, true, but so is the new Cole. So it's change for the sake of change, then.

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