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inFAMOUS Platinum Preorder £15.99 @ Blah! DVD [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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inFAMOUS Platinum Preorder £15.99 @ Blah! DVD [PS3 Games]

InFAMOUS, one of the top exclusives for the PS3 has made it into the realms of the Platinum series - good news for the developers and good news for those of us who aren't too bothered about the boxes that our games come in. Blah! DVD are accepting preorders for the new Platinum edition and charging just £15.99 which is nearly half the best price I could find for the normal version!

If you do despise those oh-so-dreadful Platinum cases then you can also rejoice in the fact that this news should also herald a dip in price for the normal edition too.

inFAMOUS tells the tale of Cole McGrath, a courier in Empire City who gets a big surprise when the package that he is delivering explodes. The city is virtually blown to smithereens but Cole somehow survives and wakes up to find that he is now a super-charged lightning storm in human form!

Empire City is now your sandbox and, as Cole, you can glide around Spidey style from wires on on train tracks and call forth mighty bolts of lightning from above, not to mention the fact that you now have the power of electricity at your fingertips. There's all manners of gameplay available here, from puzzles to shooter elements. It is up to you how Cole utilises his new found powers and you are able to craft him into a tool of either good or evil. The story is very involving, if a little dotted with clichés and the game feels great to play. Combat is lots of fun and everything looks good apart from a few technical issues here and there.

Overall inFAMOUS is a great purchase and one of the few essential PS3 exclusives.

Thanks to TheBiggestLie from Hotukdeals!

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Chris F  Dec. 9, 2009 at 02:23

um, quick heads up, while thats a decent price for a 'new' release, Asda are currently doing inFamous for 15 quid.


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