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Infinity Ward Focused On Patching MW3 Properly

Felix Kemp
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Infinity Ward Focused On Patching MW3 Properly

I'm ashamed to say it; but I love Modern Warfare 2. I traded it in a while back, and started suffering withdrawal symptoms a few weeks ago, so engaged in a furious bidding war to nab a copy off eBay. Now, I'm back on it and happy to see it's in far sturdier shape than it was a year ago. MW2's launch is infamous for the numerous exploits and glitches millions of fans put up with, with Infinity Ward's response sloppy, to say the least. But according to their former community manager, now creative strategist, Robert Bowling, ensuring Modern Warfare 3's launch is patched properly is a "major focus".

Chirruping away on his Twitter, Bowling addressed these issues by explaining swift and effective patching is "a major focus of mine and the entire team since the feedback from Modern Warfare 2". Famously, intrepid MW2 players - or bastards, depending on your nomenclature - managed to find ways to launch themselves into the air and fly above the map, or access the nether regions below and fire at players above. Infinity Ward's response was slow and ineffective, and numerous gun and perk tweaks desperately needed were stalled for months.

It's nice to hear Infinity Ward has learned their lesson, although I'll congratulate them properly upon release when they address the inevitable launch issues. They've obviously heard the fans, and despite Call of Duty's rampant success, the developers can't hope to shaft the fans with every release. Bowling had a wee bit more to say on his Twitter, admitting Killstreaks will be tweaked and that work on the multiplayer side of things continues right up until the last day when it's all shipped off to the manufacturing plant.

As with all E3s, expect a nice big Modern Warfare 3 reveal at one of the conferences; most probably Microsoft's. We'll be there, bringing you up to the minute coverage on all the big events, announcements and roundups. [Twitter]

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Andrew  May. 19, 2011 at 20:13

So essentially they going to release a game that's just as broken as MW2 was, but fix it quicker? I'd rather they focused on fixing the majority if issues before releasing it personally :p


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