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Infinity Ward: 'We're Friends With DICE', Hit Out At 'Silly Publisher Talk'

Matt Gardner
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Infinity Ward: 'We're Friends With DICE', Hit Out At 'Silly Publisher Talk'

Well it's here. Modern Warfare 3 has rolled into town and is expected to smash a whole new batch of records and knock Battlefield 3 from the top spot. While all those numbers are being totted up, though, Infinity Ward exec producer Mark Rubin has hit out at the 'silly publisher talk' of the past few months, and has suggested that things are very cordial and friendly between the COD developers and DICE.

Rubin suggested last night, to Eurogamer TV, that far from wanting to see the competition crash and burn, he'd rather both games succeeded, saying that this would be best for the industry.

'When both games succeed it's better for the industry as a whole. It's not just us - we want the gaming industry to succeed because the better the gaming industry does the better we all do. We root for everybody.

'Honestly, it's the fans you want to listen to. They're gamers, they're going to play both games, both games are great. Much respect for everyone involved on the DICE side and I think they feel the same way with us. We're friends with them. It's not what they portray on the EA side.'

Of course, a little competition is always healthy, although EA CEO John Riccitiello's words reflecting his desire to see the Call of Cuty franchise 'rot from the core' certainly suggested a rather more aggressive rivalry.

Rubin, however, dismissed this as 'silly publisher talk'.

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aseddon130  Nov. 9, 2011 at 10:52

Infinity Ward won't exist in a few months, they'll get merged with Sledgehammer Games. I put money on it.


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