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From Infinity Ward's Latest Blunder to DJ Hero's Failure to Storm the Charts - News Roundup 2nd November

Marius Goubert
DJ Hero, Modern Warfare, Nintendo

In today’s news roundup we hear how things have gone from bad to worse for Infinity Ward in the build up to the release of the long awaited Modern Warfare 2. We take a look at Nintendo's latest profit forecasts which predict a dramatic decline in sales for the Nintendo Wii. Finally, we bring news of the latest rankings from the UK’s All-Format Game’s Chart and why it’s been a disappointing start for Activison’s DJ Hero.

Infinity Ward Pulls ‘F.A.G.S’

From Infinity Ward's Latest Blunder to DJ Hero's Failure to Storm the Charts - News Roundup 2nd November

Things haven’t exactly been easy for Infinity Ward these past few weeks. Having come under fire after their latest addition to the Call of Duty Series – Modern Warfare 2 – was leaked by a French gamer who uploaded footage on Youtube, the company has now found itself at the centre of a furious row after an alleged homophobic gag. This came in the wake of a video recently posted by the Modern Warfare 2 developers regarding online player’s overuse of grenades. Although it featured mild swearing, it was the video’s use of the slogan Fight Against Grenade Spam (FAGS) which had many fans and games journalists in uproar.

Jumping on the bandwagon, livid writers and bloggers immediately began a tirade of criticism against Infinity Ward’s use of the derogatory acronym. Whilst many felt it was insensitive and tactless for the development company to use the term FAGS at all, some saw Infinity Ward’s thoughtless jest as an attempt to appeal to the ‘hateful underbelly’ of the online gaming community which, some argued, was even worse. Before acknowledging that he found it pretty funny, ‘I think the core gag is great’, manager Robert Bowling immediately withdrew the video from Youtube.[Negativegamer]

Nintendo Wii Profits Peaked

From Infinity Ward's Latest Blunder to DJ Hero's Failure to Storm the Charts - News Roundup 2nd November

For six years Nintendo have been riding the crest of a wave and raking in some of the most obscene profits ever seen by a game’s corporation – totalling a record 279.1 billion yen last year alone. But now it appears that the company’s profit margins have finally peaked with Nintendo being forced to lower their full-year profit forecast from 300 billion yen to 230.

This came after the company announced a massive 52 per cent drop in sales for the fiscal period April – September, with profits totalling 69.49 billion yen compared with 144.83  for the same period the previous year. This will certainly be great news for Nintendo Wii haters – the story attracted comments such as ‘The fad is over!’ - but with six years of uninterrupted, meteoric growth, it’s unlikely that Nintendo bosses have much to complain about. [1UP]

DJ Hero Ranks 20 on UK All-Formats Chart

From Infinity Ward's Latest Blunder to DJ Hero's Failure to Storm the Charts - News Roundup 2nd November

It’s true that Activision developers predicted a slow start for their latest interactive music game title DJ Hero. Bosses released a statement last week in which they described it as inevitable that a game about DJing wouldn’t have the same kind of appeal - right from the outset at least - as a title like Guitar Hero. Now, as if on cue, rankings from the UK’s All-Formats sales chart place DJ Hero right down at number 20 – Football Manager 2010 came in at number 1 narrowly beating off the Wii Fit Plus which came in at number 2 – which, despite their prediction, must leave Activision bosses slightly disappointed.

It remains to be seen whether or not DJ Hero will catch on and sales steadily increase in the way developers hope. In the build up to its release, Activison put a lot of emphasis on in-store demos where customers could get acquainted with their newest ‘Hero’ iteration. However, with such a low ranking, it appears that DJ Hero has, so far at least, failed to scratch the surface. [EuroGamer]

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DJ Spendthrift  Nov. 2, 2009 at 18:51

Good! Maybe DJ Hero will go down to a reasonable price! Meanwhile it's really upsetting that Uncharted 2 is losing out to football games and bloody Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games!


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