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New In-Game Trailer For Star Wars: The Old Republic Released

Carl Phillips
BioWare, New York Comic Con, Release dates, Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

New In-Game Trailer For Star Wars: The Old Republic Released

European Release Date Brought Forward

New York Comic Con in now in full flow, and last night developers from Bioware Texas took to the stage for a Q&A session to reveal some new information about the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as premiere a new in-game trailer.

The new trailer, titled “Signs of War”, moves away from the previous trend of CGI cinematics and gives a taste of the in-game action players will get to experience for themselves, with Jedi, Sith, Troopers and Bounter Hunters all doing their thing in the battle between the Empire and the Republic.

During the Q&A session it was announced that the European release date, which was originally planned to be on December 22nd, has now been brought in line with the American release date, meaning both regions will be able to join in the Galactic War on December 20th.

In addition to the new release date, other snippets of news emerged from the session (and helpfully posted on Twitter) including how there would be 15 Flashpoints (otherwise known as dungeons or instances to those not in the know) available at launch, and that light and dark side moral choices would impact your character’s appearance, much like the system in Mass Effect 2.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is shaping up to be a strong contender in the MMO genre, and the new trailer is looking mighty fine indeed. If you’re looking for more information on the upcoming title, you can check out Tom’s experiences with the Jedi Consular class in his preview at the link here.


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