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From UK Inspiration Awards to PS Move Brawler Reveal - News Roundup 17th April 2010

Jonathan Lester
Britain, Crytek, Games news, Playstation Move, The Fight: Lights out

British Inspiration Awards Finalists Announced

From UK Inspiration Awards to PS Move Brawler Reveal - News Roundup 17th April 2010

A new awards scheme has been launched to honour the contribution of Britain's creative talent to the country's economy, and three British developers have been nominated for in the Interactive Media category.

Ian Livingstone is the Life-President of Eidos Interactive, and has received a BAFTA award for "Outstanding Contribution to the [Gaming] Community."

Sam Houser is the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, the influential British developer behind the GTA series.

Richard Darling is one of the co-founders of Codemasters, and has received a CBE for his services to the country.

The executive committee is chaired by Ninty UK Managing Director David Yarnton, who has explained the importance of the event in recognising the nation's creative talent.

"The quality of our nation's artistic deeds are expressed profoundly through this list of finalists. We're privileged to be in a position to honour such consistent standard bearers for the great British creative sector."

The award ceremony will be held in London on April 23rd, and the entirety of the proceeds will be distributed to UK charities. Which of the three would get your vote? [Gamesindustry.biz]

Crytek: Free Demos are Outdated

From UK Inspiration Awards to PS Move Brawler Reveal - News Roundup 17th April 2010

Crytek co-founder Cervat Yerli has called free game demos a "luxury" that have become "prohibitively expensive" to produce. This falls in line with EA's plans to release substantial paid demos, and he describes the EA move as "[getting] investment back but while being as fair to the gamer as much as it can. Ultimately, it will be a better deal for the gamer." Apparently, Crytek predict that this is the twilight of the free demo and most major companies will start to charge in the near future.

Personally I find the idea of paying for demos to be distasteful to the point of being completely abhorrent. Crytek and EA would have to sweeten the pot by providing a huge amount of content; possibly in-game content (e.g. multiplayer skins etc) that can't be obtained any other way. If there is to be a Crysis 2 demo, Yerli promises that it will be "something more than a small demo released for free."

Will you stand for this? Let us know what you think in the comments!

New PS Move Brawler named The Fight: Lights Out

From UK Inspiration Awards to PS Move Brawler Reveal - News Roundup 17th April 2010

The Playstation Move videos prominently featured a Punch Out-style brawler that receives 1:1 movement input from the motion controller. Sony has now officially announced that this fighting title has been named The Fight: Lights Out- and that it will offer a solid framerate of 60FPS. This very impressive- especially considering that it will have to update character movement at this speed.

Whilst the new reveal video only exhibits an alpha build, the mechanics already seem fairly solid. A wide range of clean boxing moves and dirty brawling techniques are on offer- and it promises to deliver a far more gritty and realistic experience than its predecessors. We'll bring you more on this game as we learn more. [US Playstation Blog]

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Gunn  Apr. 17, 2010 at 17:32

Many called GT5 Prologue a glorified demo, but plenty folk paid for it, not at all surprised they are looking to get money out of folk any way possible, I am against it in principle unless say you get a discount for upgrading to full game.

Richard  Apr. 17, 2010 at 20:11

I thought the PS3 Move brawler game was gesture based rather than 1:1 movement due to the average player 'not being a street brawler'.

Jonathan Lester  Apr. 17, 2010 at 20:22

As far as I understand, a lot of the moves are mapped 1:1- but I'm sure there'll be a measure of gesture control a la Red Steel. Except running at 60 FPS.

It's got serious potential, but whether or not we actually need another mo-con brawler is another matter.

dunfyboy  Apr. 17, 2010 at 23:13

So if you're not sure whether or not to buy a game, rather than DL the demo you'll just wait to pick up a 2nd hand copy on the cheap, giving no money to the developers. Is this part of their master plan?

Robovski  Apr. 18, 2010 at 01:22

So, pay for a demo or use alternative means that generate no revenue for the developer...

I'm sorry, I'm not paying for demos. And since I can't return games because they've been opened (for whatever reason, be it that the game sucks up to it won't run) I'm inclined to loook for alternatives. Alternatives like downloading a full working copy and trying that out, and then deciding if I want to still pay for the game after I already have a full copy. Or hey, maybe I'll just sit back and wait like dunfboy and buy it later on the cheap. Well thought out plan you have there Crytek.

ODB  Apr. 19, 2010 at 14:23

If they do this I'll go back to PC gaming and just download them free....illegal it may be but just as morally wrong as them charging for demo's


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