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Insomniac: "We Don't Care About Realism, We're Having Fun"

Matt Gardner
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Insomniac: "We Don't Care About Realism, We're Having Fun"

Insomniac Games' CEO Ted Price has stated that, quite frankly, he'd rather focus on making a fun game, rather than worrying over whether or not it's particularly realistic, or offers an "authentic" experience.

In fact, we rather agree with him.

“We love creating worlds at Insomniac that are just different. That don’t have any restrictions that, say, a military sim would have,” Price told Joystiq at a recent event for upcoming shooter Fuse.

“That’s why we came up with the Chimera and the alternate history in Resistance. That’s why Ratchet is all about traipsing through a made up universe. And that’s why Fuse involves a world that is very Insomniac.”

Price gave Fuse's Echelon Mode as an example - a game mode where “big bags of cash” fall down.

“Crazy stuff happens in this world, and because it’s a made-up world, we can embrace it and not feel concerned that people will point their fingers and say ‘This doesn’t feel realistic',” he stated.

“We don’t care. We’re making it up, we’re having fun.”

You can read our hands-on preview of Fuse here.


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