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"Fuse Is Just About Done" - Insomniac Details Last-Minute Changes

Jonathan Lester
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"Fuse Is Just About Done" - Insomniac Details Last-Minute Changes

Cooperative shooter Fuse may have slipped from March into "Q2 2013," but Insomniac Games have explained that the time will be used to implement some last-minute tweaks to what is essentially a finished product.

"The game is completely playable and a full experience," the studio explained in a new blog post. "However, with these few months we are going to make it better. In other words: we are in the polish phase, which is actually a rarity to have time for at all in this industry. Normally, it’s a sprint right up till release, but with Fuse we have time to refine some of the trickier elements. That’s great for us, but more importantly it’s great for you. Ya know, if you like playing awesome games."

Insomniac detailed three examples of eleventh hour changes, such as tweaking the challenge curve and making bosses more interesting to fight. Here's a sampler:

  • Reduce enemy wave numbers: Sometimes, the game seemed to throw one too many enemy waves at you before you could move on. So, we’ve done a sweep and fixed some problematic areas. The result is a swifter experience that is still exciting and almost overwhelming, without bogging the players down.
  • Splitting up the team: Up until now, Fuse always had all four characters stick together. No mas. We’ve added some sections where the team has to split into two separate groups. This should change up game play in those sections significantly. It’s already pretty radical to see huge sections of levels changed and adjusted, clearly for the better.
  • Mini-Boss and Boss Behavior changes: In order to differentiate our big baddies more – we are giving them different attacks and more functions. This will set them apart from the rest of the crowd. New baddie who heals his brethren? Sure! Make the Leadfoots more threatening? Sounds good!

Matt enjoyed some extensive contact with Fuse last year, describing its cooperative combat as an "utter blast" in our Fuse hands-on preview.

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