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EA E3 2011 Conference | Insomniac Games Announce Overstrike

Carl Phillips
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EA E3 2011 Conference | Insomniac Games Announce Overstrike

During the EA conference at E3 today, Insomniac Games unveiled their long awaited first multiplatform title after years of making exclusives for Sony's consoles. Having already stated that they were going to be previewing a "brand new universe" it was revealed that the new game is called Overstrike.

Set in the not too distant future, the game focuses on a special operations team called Overstrike 9, consisting of four members with varying weapons and abilities, as they save the world from shadowy organisations across the globe. The trailer showed off the ragtag cast, and it looks to have the usual humour & collections of over the top weaponry Insomniac are known for. In addition, it has been confirmed on the official website that there will be 4-player co-op for the action title.

You can check out the trailer in all its glory below.

There’s not much else to go on right now, but if it plays like it looks (Ratchet & Clank meets Borderlands) I personally think we’re going to be in for a treat with this one.

What say you, fellow Dealspwners? Are you impressed with this first look at Insomniac’s first multiplatform? Waiting for more information to appear? Sound off in the comments!

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