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Insomniac: "We've Taken Some Heat" For Changing Overstrike To Fuse

Jonathan Lester
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Already Working On "New Fuse Experiences"

Insomniac raised more than a few eyebrows (read: caused a minor poostorm) when they transformed the colourful Overstrike into the gunmetal grey Fuse last year. CEO Ted Price is well aware of the criticism both from fans and reviewers, but has defended the decision to go gritty while also confirming that "new experiences" are in the pipeline. Experiences that go well beyond DLC, apparently...

"Of course I'm well aware that we've taken some heat over our switch from Overstrike to Fuse," Price wrote in a post on the Insomniac blog. "We read the YouTube comments. We watch the forums. And we listen.

"After our re-reveal of the game in summer 2012 we continued to make adjustments to the game, adding more color; making sure the humor came through in emergent dialogue. No, we didn't make aesthetic changes because of a 12 year-old's focus test comments. We did what we thought was right for the Fuse universe."

Price also suggests that they're prototyping some sort of follow-up or spin-off, not just traditional DLC.

"We've already begun expanding what we've begun with Fuse. Right now as I write this we're taking the core concepts behind Fuse and prototyping new stuff - stuff that leverages this bizarre alien substance which is at the heart of the game. No, I'm not talking about DLC. I'm talking about new Fuse experiences altogether.

"What's wonderful about creating and owning one's IP is that you can take it any direction you want. And that's what we're going to do. Stay tuned!"

Perhaps we'll see a downloadable tie-in? Either way, we'll endeavour to bring you our own Fuse review soon. It's out this Friday on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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