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Insomniac Teases Fuse Reveal With New Video

Carl Phillips
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Insomniac Teases Fuse Reveal With New Video

Has Overstrike Been Hit With A Bad Case Of Serious-ness?

We are six days away from seeing the unveiling (or repackaging) of Insomniac’s upcoming multiplatform title, formally known as Overstrike. Teased during Ted Price’s keynote speech at this year’s PAX, the newly titled Fuse will be shown to all via the official website next Wednesday. However, in a newsletter to fans of Insomniac Games, the Ratchet & Clank developers decided to tease us all with a video that comes “straight from the game, and teases the opening mission.” You can see it for yourself after the jump.

Now, let’s just take a moment and remember that this is a 56 second video that shows no gameplay, so our true judgement is on hold for now. However, first impressions are a little un-nerving thanks to the lack of comic charm that the Overstrike trailer displayed, and what looks like a character re-design. What we do know is that the four characters will assume the roles of Team Leader, Assassin, Logistics, and Detective.

Could this be Insomniac luring us into a false sense of security, only to hit us with the stylised charm that originally drew our attention? Or is this yet another victim of publisher pressure for yet-more gritty action? I guess we’ll know for sure when Fuse is revealed next Wednesday, but until then, consider us here at Dealspwn “cautiously intrigued.”

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