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INTERVIEW | Can Shape Up make fitness fun on Xbox One?

Jonathan Lester
Fitness games, Kinect games, Ubisoft, Video interviews, Xbox One Games

Despite being a superb physical specimen myself, thanks to years of training by the biggest names in the business (Fray Bentos, Colonel Sanders, all the greats), I'm always looking for new ways to get fit. Specifically, ways that are actually fun. Shape Up seemed to be the answer when Ubisoft announced it at E3 2014: a lighthearted and very 'gamey' collection of crazy activities with RPG-style progression designed to keep you engaged while burning calories. Xbox One's Kinect sensor ought to be a perfect fit.

So when Gamescom rolled around Matt told me to get plenty of footage of myself... well, rolling around. Unfortunately, live code being a tricky beast, the software was unfortunately bricked.

Never mind, though, because I quickly grabbed Shape Up creative director Charles Huteau for an interview about the game, and what the team thinks about Microsoft's Xbox One U-turn.

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