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Inversion | £14.98 | Game | PS3 / 360

Brendan Griffiths
Cover based action, Inversion, PS3 games, third person shooter, Xbox 360 games

Inversion | £14.98 | Game | PS3 / 360

At full price we wouldn't recommend this, but when it's this cheap it's pretty tempting. The hook with Inversion is manipulating gravity. This cover-shooter lets you attach yourself to walls making for some very disorientating scenes as you inadvertently lean your head to the side while playing, like one of those really curious dogs. Throw in some psi-blast energy throws and ragdoll physics and you start to warm to its rough edges. It might hurt your face (and neck), but at least it's forcing you to think a little bit more. Well, if being confused is like thinking.

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