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IO Interactive Cancelling Everything Apart From Hitman

Matt Gardner
Hitman, Io Interactive

IO Interactive Cancelling Everything Apart From Hitman

Laying off half of the workforce

IO Interactive have announced that they're cancelling all of the projects at the studio working on anything other than the Hitman franchise.

"The studio will focus resolutely on the future vision for the Hitman franchise and is in pre-production on a new AAA Hitman project," came a statement from the studio (via Eurogamer).

"However we have taken the difficult decision to cancel other studio projects and initiatives at IO and reduce the workforce in this studio, which will impact almost half of the employees currently at IO, as we make internal adjustments to face the challenges of today's market.

"For those affected, we are extremely grateful for the hard work which they have contributed, and where it's possible and appropriate to relocate staff to open positions at other studios within the group, we will try to do so. We are also reaching out to other companies for outplacement opportunities. We sincerely wish them well in their future careers."

Hitman: Absolution was something of a mixed bag entry for the acclaimed series, an here's what Carl said in his review:

The return of Agent 47 may see him plough through a rather farcical single player storyline, but the core gameplay allows for a fun experience when the player is given the freedom to assassinate as they please. Along with the community-fuelled Contracts mode to keep the challenges coming, overall it’s a satisfying return for the original assassin that could have been better, but is certainly worth a look.

As for Kane and Lynch, well, we can't say we're sorry to see them depart.

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