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IO's Blystad Hints At Larger, Open Areas In Hitman: Absolution

Matt Gardner
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IO's Blystad Hints At Larger, Open Areas In Hitman: Absolution

Tore Blystad, IO's director on Hitman: Absolution, has hinted at the larger, more open environments to which veterans of Agent 47's adventures may be familiar. Considering that the majority of the footage shown so far has centred around seemingly linear elements of the game, Blystad acknowledges that there have been a number of fans concerned about the direction of the series, our selves included. However, he makes the point, too, that we've only seen a tiny fraction of the whole game.

"We know there are a lot of fans out there who are concerned about the game too linear or more action orientated but it’s always a choice to go for action of the more professional play styles," he said. "For us we have a lot to show off, it’s a very large and complex game. We have to take one step at a time, just getting one piece of code to this level of polish takes a lot of time.

"At later stages there will be more shown off that shows of bigger parts of the game where we will see more civilian locations and a civilian setting you can blend into. It’s all coming in due time."

Blystad also suggested that the development of the individual levels in this game has been undertaken in a different fashion to previous titles.

"The way that we design the game this time is a little different from the previous games. For example Hitman Blood Money the levels were pretty much the same size, they were paced in the same way. It was predicable how you would come from one level to the next. There was no pacing in it because it was just compiled and put together.

"This time we think much about ‘if you play this through as one big experience there will be a certain pacing within the game’. As you can see from the two different code drops we’ve been doing also have different focus and it’s the same through out the game. There will be more diversity in the levels themselves and there will be these big sandboxes in there, mixed up. We can’t put numbers to each part at the moment." [OPM]



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