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iPad 2 Ships March 11th

Tom Silkstone
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iPad 2 Ships March 11th

Well it's official, the iPad 2 is on its way! Steve Jobs announced today that Apple's new tablet should be with us by the 11th of March, and a couple of improvements have been made to it here and there.

Whilst faster graphics and a faster CPU (up to 9 times and 2 times quicker than its predecessor respectively) are exciting prospects for the gaming potential of the iPad 2, the brand new HDMI output should allow you to patch into a bigger screen for a truly cinematic experience not only for games but movies as well.

FaceTime has been whacked amongst the other apps you can access, so naturally a front and rear camera have been jammed into its 33% thinner and 600 grams lighter body, which of course has the added bonus of making it easier to carry around on your travels.

One of the key features for a portable piece of electrical kit like this is of course its battery life and that's been set to 10 hours with over a month of standby time, which'll come in useful if you're say stuck on a desert island for a while without a plug socket in sight. Also, another new addition to the Apple range are their Smart Covers, which'll wake up or put the device to sleep depending on whether you've got them opened or closed.

If you want a few more tech specs then why not head on over to our sister site Mobot.com. More iPad 3 rumours here too...

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Andrew  Mar. 3, 2011 at 10:15

"faster graphics and a faster CPU (2 times and 9 times quicker than its predecessor respectively)"

should say "9 times and 2 times...."


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