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Iron Man 2 £12.49 @ Coolshop UK [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Iron Man 2 £12.49 @ Coolshop UK [Xbox 360 Games]

So you've always wanted to jet around the sky at supersonic speeds in a suit that can take down a small army, or mow down your enemies with a shoulder mounted mini-gun, well then it's a good job the price for Iron man 2 the game's just come down.

You can grab a copy on the Xbox for £12.49 from Coolshop UK, which is exactly £4.50 cheaper than the next best offer of £16.99 from Play.

The game takes place just after the events of the second film, so it's not your standard movie tie-in game, as the Russians steal Jarvis from Mr.Stark and it's up to him and his pal Col. Jim 'Rhodey' Rhodes to slip into their shiny metal suits and get the charming piece of tech back.

Before the start of each mission you'll get the chance to choose between playing as Iron man or War machine, each of whom was their own set of weapons and abilities. If you've gone for the gold and hot-rod red suit then you'll be heavily reliant on Tony's energy weapons and superior manoeuvrability, whereas Rhodey, well he's perfectly capable of holding his enemies at bay with the ridiculous armoury that's welded to his body. You'll also be able to upgrade your weapons before charging into the main game, and with a few options to choose from you'll be able to stay one step ahead of the dastardly villains you'll be up against.

And now onto the bad. For a game that's based on a film series that's often impressed us with its visual effects, it looks pretty awful. The gameplay is unbelievably monotonous, you'll find yourself drifting through the air engaging enemies, or landing for the express purpose of . . . yep that's right you guessed it, engaging enemies! The flying mechanics are terrible, which you really don't want to hear considering it's one of Iron man's most appealing features.

This could have been a great game if the developers had really invested some time improving on the original's experience, unfortunately it seems like it was rushed out for release without receiving the proper care and attention that it definitely needed.

Thanks to millarcat @ HUKD

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