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Iron Man 2 £18.70 (With Discount Code) @ Tesco Entertainment [Wii Games]

Felix Kemp
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Iron Man 2 £18.70 (With Discount Code) @ Tesco Entertainment [Wii Games]

Tony Stark returns, with new suits, new weapons, and a friend to share his robotic exploits with. Iron Man 2 on the Wii can be nabbed off Tesco Entertainment for just £18.70, if you input the promotional code FTSL15-1 at checkout for a 15% discount.

While the film suffers from a bloated plot and character mix, Iron Man 2, the game, is the victim of the usual movie cash-in curse. It's got the voice-actors, the likeness, a general sense of what it means to be Iron Man, but the visuals leave something to be desired and, once again, flying is more of a chore than a joy. Brendan reviewed Iron Man 2 when it released, check out his impressions here.

Iron Man 2 follows a separate story to the film. You're still Tony Stark, billionaire playboy with a penchant for robotic tomfoolery, but you're joined by Stark's friend and military ally, James Rhodes, aka War Machine. The story is generally quite bad, focused on establishing showdowns with swarms of aggressive military, both in the air and on the ground, and eventually duking it out with robotic adversaries ranging from a couple of stories high to skyscraper levels of scale.

You can choose to either play as Iron Man or War Machine before each mission. The change isn't particularly drastic, but it does offer variety and a palatable switch from aerial acrobatics to machine-gun mayhem. Whereas Iron Man is nimble and lithe, War Machine is bristling with shoulder cannons, wrist turrets and probably a fake flower on his chest that spurts out an acidic compound. However, both men in suits must take to the skies regularly, and it's here where the game falls victim to the same videogame curse of never being able to properly realise flying without some degree of either auto-control or plain bad controls.

However, if you're an ardent fan of Iron Man, having read the comics, watched the films, bought the memorabilia and stalked Downey Jnr outside his million-dollar home, then Iron Man 2 on the Wii, for this price, is right up your alley.

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