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Iron Man 2 £21.25 (Pre Order) @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Iron Man 2 £21.25 (Pre Order) @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3 Games]

If you want this weekend to be completely dominated by Iron Man 2 you’ll be needing the game to blast through when you get home from the cinema. So you may as well get the game for cheap as that cinema ticket won’t be.

NB: You’ll need this ‘15% off’ code at the checkout to get the £21.25 price: FTSL15-1

The developers have been hard at work fixing issues with the first game, with the flying particularly now “phenomenally better.” Melee combat has been improved and now works and looks much smoother, especially in mid-air. Now that movement is a bit more user friendly, it won’t feel like just another mech-shooter. Sega have already said it’ll be so easy to pick up you won’t really need the tutorial.

Players will be given the choice to play as the Ferrari-like Iron Man or the artillery juggernaut of War Machine. Don’t tell Stark, but War Machine looks like more fun. You’ll be able to create your own weapon and ammo types to keep things interesting. Ah, the joys of Stark industries R&D department.

Destruction has been ramped up too, with whole buildings disintegrating into rubble. Not that the swarms of soldiers, mechs and tanks will be too happy about it. Their AI has been tightened up too so expect them to attack with co-ordination for once.

While the films may be stuck with a small number of enemies and villains, we’ve come to expect our games of comic-book movie tie-ins to be packed with them. So far we’ve been able to spy Crimson Dynamo and Ultimo (he’s rubbish at hiding). We’ll assume Whiplash is around thanks to the imdb listing too.

The story is completely new, but apparently “living in the film world.” It’s been written by a team including award winning writer Matt Fraction which may have a few comic book fans taking notice. It’s going to be packed with plenty of material for fans of the films though too, with impressive digital appearances of Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Mickey Rourke and Don Cheadle.

There’s a hell of a lot of gun-metal grey rocking the colour palette but the graphics are much better looking than the last game. Overall, Iron Man 2 looks like a game that has learnt from its predecessor’s mistakes and is aiming high at pleasing gamers, comic book fans and film goers. One will probably sulk though, they always do.

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