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Itagaki Scores New Studio To Help With Devil's Third

Felix Kemp
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Itagaki Scores New Studio To Help With Devil's Third

Tomonobu Itagaki's Valhalla Studios - who emerged from the ashes of the his legal dispute with former employees, Tecmo and Team Ninja - have announced a partnership with relatively unknown Japanese developers, Score Studios, to assist in development on Devil's Third. I did a bit of digging and discovered Score Studios are a Japanese-based developer who, until now, had only specialized in casual browser games.

We covered Devil's Third when it was announced last summer. Itagaki's new game promises to bring all his old staples - brutal swordplay, cutting-edge visuals and a new advancements in mammary gland physics - as well as a brand new story and setting, not to mention multiplayer. So what attracted him to Score Studios, whose list of games ranges from photo puzzlers and sheep simulators?

Well, a number of things. Valhalla Studios obviously isn't complete yet. In January, Relic Entertainment lent a helping hand in finalizing the tech for Devil's Third, and since the game's announcement we've heard absolutely nothing from either THQ or Valhalla. Not even Itagaki, who so often likes to pump up fans with audacious claims, has let slip with any details. Score Studios' involvement probably isn't creative; the game's concept has to be set in stone by now, so they need all the programmers and artists they can get to deliver on Itagaki's vision.

But what exactly is Devil's Third all about? Again, we're not quite sure, although we do know it's set in the not too distant future when an overabundance of orbital detritus results in what is known as Kessler Syndrome, meaning spaceflight and exploration is impossible. Concept art shows fiery debris raining from the sky, and major landmarks across the globe in ruin. Quite how this leads on to the stylish trailer, which shows a scarred brute in a fetching leather jacket turning goons to pulp with a shotgun and an athletic ninja-type slicing soldiers into salami, I don't know. I don't really care, either. If Itagaki and his team can recapture any of that old magic, I'm there. [Eurogamer]

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