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Jaffe: 'I'd Actually Prefer That We Don't Do Online Passes'

Matt Gardner
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Jaffe: 'I'd Actually Prefer That We Don't Do Online Passes'

Head of Eat Sleep Play and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has suggested that he'd prefer it if Twisted Metal didn't come with an Online Pass system as, although it would seem like good business, keeping the good faith of its audience - particularly in light of the fact that it's a multiplayer-oriented title - is paramount in his mind.

"I'd actually prefer that we don't do it," said Jaffe, speaking to Eurogamer, "even though it's probably good business, only because we have such a mountain to climb in terms of gaining people's good faith, especially in Europe, and really letting people know that this is a title that's worth getting excited about."

Looking briefly towards the long-term, Jaffe suggested that losing sales on the initial game wouldn't be such a bad thing if generated more fans for the series who might not otherwise have even noticed the game before.

"I'm okay with the fact that we might lose sales on this first game if, because of it, we generate a lot of fans that otherwise wouldn't have played the game," he continued. "The online is so much the bread and butter of this game, so I'm okay with it because it means we're setting ourselves up for a possible return to the franchise one day."

He did, however, acknowledge that the decision is completely out of his hands: " It's not my call and I'd totally understand if Sony as a company said 'Look, this is a mandate that permeates all of our titles. We're not making selective choices'. Those are decisions that I'm no longer privy to as I don't work for Sony any more."

Further on in the interview, Jaffe rubbished rumours that Twisted Metal had been delayed simply to escape the November triple-A deluge of new releases, although he did say that was a pleasant boon on the side.

"I'd wear that as a badge of honour. Anyone who is basically not living in that quadruple-A stratosphere would be wise to get the f*** out of the way of that oncoming train.

"The fact that we swim in waters where it's not done for a developer or a publisher to admit that your game isn't currently one of those juggernauts, that doesn't necessarily speak about the quality of Twisted Metal. It just speaks to the fact that we know where it sits in the zeitgeist and we know where it sits in terms of marketing dollars and the hype machine."

Jaffe's remaining level-headed when it comes to predicting sales, saying that while he doesn't feel the game will reach COD or Uncharted levels, there's a big focus on providing "value and fun factor and quality", things that he feels puts Twisted Metal on level ground with the big hitters.

"We're not living under any allusions that we're going to do Call of Duty numbers, or even Uncharted 3 numbers. Anything is possible but I think Twisted Metal is... in terms of value and fun factor and quality, I would put the multiplayer toe-to-toe with Call of Duty, Battlefield, Uncharted 3, if you like this kind of game. We're worth every penny and more.

"This might come back and bite me on the butt - I don't care - but do I sit here and have moments where I'm like 'I can really see us being nominated for some best multiplayer, best shooter awards next year'? I do. That's how proud I am of it."


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DrTrouserPlank  Dec. 8, 2011 at 12:43

If they manage to capture the spirit of the first game some fifteen years on, this could end up being one of the best games of this entire console generation.

My hopes are sky-high for it. I doubt many other people's are so I expect it will be a massive success either way.


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