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Jagged Alliance | £1.29 | Gamersgate | PC

Jonathan Lester
PC games, Strategy First, Strategy games
Jagged Alliance | £1.29 | Gamersgate | PC
  • What: Jagged Alliance
  • Where: GamersGate
  • Current Price: £1.29

Jagged Alliance is about as old-school as it gets. Released in 1994, this action RPG certainly looks a little dated, but its gameplay is still seriously capable and refreshing even now. You'll recruit a team of mercenaries to take back a mysterious nuclear-infested island from a team of evil scientists (for a team of still fairly dubious scientists), with each game playing out in a completely different way as you take on different sectors. GamersGate's £1.29 offer undercuts even GOG, though beware that Windows 7 users will need to download a DOS emulator! I told you it was old-school. If you want guaranteed Windows Vista compatibility, paying a couple of extra quid to GOG might be your best bet.

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felday1  Aug. 2, 2011 at 11:36

This is a really great game when u get into it.Prefer it to all the 'orcs and unicorn' based turn-based strategy games.Unfortunately the DS port was terrible.Think there's a Jagged Alliance 3 coming out? If they can keep the strategy and feel of this game with next-gen visuals it could be a belter.

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