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Get the Jedi Knight Collection for £5.55 over on Steam

Carl Phillips
FPS games, PC games

Get the Jedi Knight Collection for £5.55 over on Steam
Jedi Knight Collection | Steam | £5.55 | PC (all games) price comparison

Reminding us there was a time when the quality of the Star Wars games weren't all like The Force Unleashed, this midweek madness sale over on Steam is a great chance to play one of the PC's better FPS series. Those who spotted the deal last night will have saved themselves an extra pound (as the price has annoyingly gone up slightly) but even in the face of this there's quite the saving to be had with this offer.

From the original Dark Forces, all the way to the highly enjoyable Jedi Academy, all of the games chronicling the galactic adventures of Kyle Katarn (and, for one expansion pack, EU favourite Mara Jade) are included here. The ageing graphics might be a little jarring, but the nostalgia (and fun) factor is still strong with this one. Hell, even I'm tempted with this deal, if only to see if anybody still plays the multiplayer. Lightsabre-only antics, anyone? Thanks to Arcturus @ HUKD!

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