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Job Listing Suggests Co-op for Uncharted 4

Brendan Griffiths
PS4 games, Uncharted 4

Job Listing Suggests Co-op for Uncharted 4

Uncharted has always seemed like a great game to include some campaign co-op gameplay and it could well be on the cards for Uncharted 4 if a recent job listing post on Naughty Dog’s website is anything to go by.

The developer of the Uncharted series and The Last of Us is currently on the lookout for someone to fill the position of, “Game Designer (Co-op).”

Elements mentioned in the listing included:

  • Co-op AI & encounter design - designing and scripting co-op combat encounters, AI behaviour design, and difficulty balancing
  • Co-op system design - creating mechanics, game modes, progression systems, reward structures, social features, etc. To serve the co-op experience. Creating and iterating gameplay designs with the team, and working in script to implement and/or tune them.
  • Experience playing third-person action games
  • Experience in developing third-person action games a bonus
  • Experience in scripting for action games a bonus

Uncharted 3 had a separate side mode that incorporated co-op elements for a few rounds of holding off waves of enemies in a horde-esque manner, but nothing actually built into the campaign. Is that about to change for the new game?

For much of the series, Drake has worked in tandem with a partner, be it Elena, Chloe or Sully, and it’s always seemed a shame that a second player couldn’t hop into their shoes.

Do we want a second player to join us throughout the adventure though? It’s going to be hard work keeping the cinematic feel and scripting intense set pieces when you have to handle two players. It’s not like Dead Space 3 was much of a success after all. That said, it’s about time next-gen started to push the boat out with gameplay to match the graphical grunt. Is Naughty Dog the studio to do it?

[Naughty Dog Careers]

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Breadster  Nov. 16, 2013 at 16:54

If done right it could be really good, and if anyone could manage to keep a cinematic feel in co-op, I imagine it would be Naughty Dog.

justerthought  Nov. 19, 2013 at 17:28

A full coop Uncharted could work in theory because they have already proved they can maintain the cinematic theme when they did the Coop Story mode in U2 and Coop Adventure in U3. The power of next gen could make it a reality for the whole game. It would be awesome, especially if you could choose how many human players take part with the rest being played by the traditional AI. That way you could have 3 player party, or 2 player party with one AI.

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