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Journey Incorporated Into Cathedral Worship

Jonathan Lester
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Journey Incorporated Into Cathedral Worship

Exeter Cathedral: 'Gaming Could Transcend Age And Culture Gaps'

Last Sunday, Exeter Cathedral's clergy incorporated thatgamecompany's Journey into their evening service, letting the congregation play it and explore their relationship with God through a game. Ministers believe that games could potentially provide a "really creative way" of engaging with church-goers, and that "anything that helps people to make connections with God and express something of a response to God is worth exploring."

As part of a service entitled Holy Ground, the congregation took turns playing Journey and were visited by a range of online players who helped them on their way. Other traditional elements, such as communion and sermons, continued while the game was projected onto a large screen behind the altar.

“Worship is not a ‘spectator sport’ and anything that helps people to make connections with God and express something of a response to God is worth exploring, " said Anna Norman-Walker, Diocesan Missioner at the Cathedral. "Gaming could be a really creative way of engaging with people in a fresh way and could potentially transcend age and culture gaps.”

Exeter Cathedral previously used thatgamecompany's Flower during a service, and are keen to prove that videogames can carry deeper meanings. You can read more here.

Personally, we think this is really rather wonderful.

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yusef  Aug. 15, 2012 at 13:26

People still believe in God? Wow.

ODB_69  Aug. 15, 2012 at 13:34

Old people (Wii) - Check

God Squad - Check

Now...how do we get the media onside?

Korma  Aug. 15, 2012 at 17:35

I would love it if suddenly PSN and Xbox Live was flooded with gamers that said "Peace be with you" at the end of a game instead of "***** **** you *** *** and **** your ***** *** ** ******. *******."


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