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Journey of a Roach Preview Playthrough | A Bug's Life

Matt Gardner
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Journey of a Roach Preview Playthrough | A Bug's Life

We love adventure games here on Dealspwn, and thus we've been watching the continued rise of German outfit Daedalic Entertainment with some satisfaction. After all, whilst it might be true that adventure games are far from dead, there's no studio with such single-minded purpose in the genre as Daedalic, nor arguably one as consistently strong in their output.

We caught up with Daedalic last week to check out three upcoming games of theirs (preview roundup coming shortly), and one of those games happened to be a interesting little title set in a post-apocalyptic world. But don't run away just yet, there's a twist! You're playing as a pair of giant cockroaches who go on a quirky adventure in pursuit of the one remaining piece of natural plant life left in the world, only to fail constrrantly and wind up in all sorts of mischief.

Daedalic sent over half an hour of preview code and we've captured the lot here for you, with a little bit of commentary too.

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