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Juicy Resident Evil 6 Details Leap Out

Jonathan Lester
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Juicy Resident Evil 6 Details Leap Out

"Different" Enemies ! Characters! Story! No Tank Controls!

Capcom has leapt out of a cupboard and scared us witless, only to hand us a design document bristling with new info about the recently-unveiled Resident Evil 6. The setting has been locked down to a specific Chinese location, enemies have been revealed and some new story details shed some light on the situtation.

And no 'tank' controls. This deal keeps getting better all the time, and we've got all the info rounded up below along with plenty of new screenshots.

Here are the delicious new details, straight from the horse's mouth.


Juicy Resident Evil 6 Details Leap Out

It has already been revealed that Chris Redfield heads to China during the course of the game but we can now confirm that the main location in China will be a fictitious coastal town called Lanshiang.

When does RE6 take place?

There has been some confusion surrounding when the game is set, so to set the record straight, Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2013.

Redesigned control system

Resident Evil 6 features an evolved control system allowing players to shoot whilst moving; slide; roll in any direction and to take cover along with the addition of an enhanced melee attack.


Juicy Resident Evil 6 Details Leap Out

Zombies: Yes they are back, but now they run, jump at you, even use weapons and as such are different from those encountered in previous games.

J’avo: Named by the BSAA after the Serbian word for ‘demon’, the first J'avo made an appearance in the conflict zone of Eastern Europe about six months before the action of Resident Evil 6. The J’avo still exhibit certain human elements – such as the ability to understand speech, work together as a group and use weapons - but they are also incredibly aggressive and a number of their actions have regressed to pure instinct.

When a J’avo takes damage it has the ability to regenerate itself. However if it is receives major damage then it will mutate that affected body part into a number of varied forms, meaning players will have to rethink their strategy and adapt to this unpredictability.

Character profiles

Juicy Resident Evil 6 Details Leap Out

  • Leon S. Kennedy: Following the Raccoon City incident Leon was recruited as a US government agent by none other than Adam Benford, who would later become the President of the United States. Ever since the nightmare that was Raccoon City Leon has made it his life’s work to eradicate bioterrorism.
  • Helena Harper: Like Leon, she is also a government agent, but was in the process of transferring to the Secret Service to become one of the President's personal bodyguards. In the announcement trailer it is Helena who admits to Leon that she is the one responsible for this incident.
  • Chris Redfield: The ex-S.T.A.R.S member who continued the fight against bioterrorism as the leader of the BSAA underwent a personal trauma some six months prior to the events depicted in RE6. In spite of this he has rejoined his BSAA colleagues in China to uncover a major bioterrorist attack.
  • The mysterious third protagonist: We’re still trying to track down his real identity but we do know this man is a mercenary currently engaged in a bloody conflict in Eastern Europe where reports confirm that B.O.W.s are increasingly being used. One day, he's told that he is the man to save the world. Whilst he doesn't understand the implications of this, he does immediately think how much money he can make from it. [He also looks a lot like Jack Krauser. But he can't be. Surely? - Jon]
  • Ingrid Hunnigan: A member of Field Operations Support (FOS), Ingrid has been working with Leon for a long time, and they share a mutual trust.
  • Adam Benford: President of the United States and the man who hired Leon after the Raccoon City incident.


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stevenjameshyde  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:12

Zombies: "now they run, jump at you, even use weapons and as such are different from those encountered in previous games" - so basically ganados then?

Sounds less and less like a survival horror game... the only tension left in RE5 was that the terrible controls meant you might be blindsided at any time. They're even getting rid of that?

Late  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:41

I'm pleased those ridiculous controls are going. There's no place for "tank-track" movement in games this century.

Can definitely see how the hardcore purist fans of the series would be disappointed, though. I'd hate such a major change to be made to a series I love. (RIP x-com :( )

Money talks, however - and I firmly believe the game will sell a lot better with redesigned controls.

DrTrouserPlank  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:42

If you take out the controls that some retards seem unable to deal with then you are basically left with "Uncharted with zombies".

Why not make it a first person shooter whilst you're at it as well. I'm sure the sight of a person holding a gun (instead of the gun floating in the middle of the screen like a protrusion from your face) is equally confusing to idiots who think that every game needs to be identical.

Take away the 'tank' controls (which are perfectly fine and intentional to create a particular style of play) and you strip away the last scrap of what makes it Resi.

Late  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:47

< Tard ;)

JonLester  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:55

The 'tank' controls were a necessary evil back when Resi relied on pre-rendered environments and preset camera angles. But now it's in full 3D, sorry, I also reckon the controls need to move with the times.

There's nothing stopping Capcom from limiting ammunition and supplies and focusing on claustrophobia and jump scares over action - which I'd argue is more important to the spirit of the franchise than the controls. Except that, by the looks of this, they probably won't. Either way, we'll keep you posted.

For the record, though, the tank controls do work well in Resi: Revelations, as they've been tailored to the platform and the more traditional gameplay experience. If you're looking for a "real" RE game, I'd dig out your 3DS.

Last edited by JonLester, Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:55

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