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Julian Gollop: Firaxis "Saved" XCOM From 2K's "Schizophrenic Approach"

Jonathan Lester
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Julian Gollop: Firaxis "Saved" XCOM From 2K's "Schizophrenic Approach"

Brand Had Gone "Badly Awry"

X-COM creator Julian Gollop has once again praised Firaxis for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, suggesting that the brand was in serious danger from falling back into the bad old days of tacky budget spin-offs that wasted the core strategic gameplay.

“Take-Two had the same schizophrenic approach to the franchise that Microprose had,” Gollop told an audience at GDC [as reported by PCGamesN], doubtlessly referring to 2K Marin's troubled and controversial shooter reboot. “Firaxis saved the day."

“They did a tremendous job creating something which was familiar but at the same time fresh. It is amazing that after 20 years a brand that had gone so badly awry was finally put right.”

Gollop also proved to be his own worst critic, suggesting that he mishandled the franchise as both a developer and producer. "From my point of view I made a lot of mistakes with [XCOM] because, as with Microprose, I didn’t truly appreciate the value of what I created with the first game. So we didn’t handle the development of the franchise very well.”

“From my own point of view, I no longer feel the urge to remake X-COM. I think Firaxis have done the job.”

High praise indeed, for an utterly exceptional game. We'd like a proper expansion pack now, mind...

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worto03  Apr. 18, 2013 at 12:36

What we would actually like is a patch that fixes the game on consoles - it's been broken for months now since patch 3 came out and ruined everything!

Shame JG didn't learn from his mistakes as he didn’t truly appreciate the value of Laser Squad Nemesis either & now that's crashed and burnt.

Lets hope the Chaos remake is the one!

Late  Apr. 18, 2013 at 12:44

I feel a shiver of anticipation every time I'm reminded about the possibility of Chaos Reborn :D

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