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Julian Gollop To Remake Chaos: The Battle Of Wizards

Jonathan Lester
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Julian Gollop To Remake Chaos: The Battle Of Wizards

Julian Gollop, the strategic mastermind behind the original X-COM, plans to revisit one of his earliest games as his next project. Chaos: The Battle Of Wizards originally graced the Speccy in 1985, and the legendary developer hopes to use new technology and the Unity engine to develop a spiritual sequel rather than a by-the-numbers revamp.

"OK it's official! I am working on a sequel/remake to my classic ZX Spectrum game 'Chaos' - for iOS, PC, Mac - maybe more," Gollop announced on Twitter. "Hopefully Android, Linux and Ouya as well."

Gollop quickly followed this up with a new blog post that laid out a feature list for the fantasy turn-based strategy title. Not only will Chaos: The Battle Of Wizards receive a full 3D makeover courtesy of the Unity Engine, but it will offer asynchronous online/hotseat multiplayer, a randomly-generated campaign mode and more. Here are the details:

Multi-player arena battles

  • Network play
  • Asynchronous turns OR constant connection with timeouts for each players turn.
  • Pass-and-play for mobile devices (allows multiplayer games on one device).
  • 1-8 players
  • Single player vs AI wizards is also an option
  • Multiple arena configurations - based on number of players and battle mode
  • Various battle modes
  • Standard 'death match'
  • Team based mode
  • Co-op vs AI monster wizard
  • Possibly more...

Single player 'Kingdoms of Chaos' campaign mode

  • The campaign map is divided into regions, each controlled by an enemy wizard
  • You start with a basic wizard character, and you must journey through regions battling enemy wizards.
  • Your objective is to find and kill the Wizard King
  • However each move on the campaign map, and each battle, will see the Wizard King and his Wizard Lords get slightly stronger. It is a race against time (turn-based time, that is).
  • Enemy wizards have specific spell lists and AI personalities.
  • Each region has a terrain type with various map layouts, wondering monsters, hazards and pickups.
  • Your wizard will gain spells and improve basic stats through defeating enemy wizards and finding artefacts (such as 'magical tomes' which allow you to learn a spell).
  • If you are defeated by a wizard in a region, you can always revisit it at a later date when you are better equipped.
  • The Campaign map, and all regional battle maps, are all randomly generated according to a seed chosen by the player by entering a short text string. This means any other player can play the same campaign by entering the same seed string

Gollop's most recent offering was Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, the solid if slightly underwhelming 3DS turn-based strategy game. He'll be looking to crowd fund his Chaos remake when the time is right, so we'll be keeping a close eye on Kickstarter.

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