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Jurassic Park: The Game Pushed Back To 2012

Felix Kemp
Jurassic Park: The Game, Telltale Games

Jurassic Park: The Game Pushed Back To 2012

Only In Europe, Only On The Xbox 360

We had a good look at Jurassic Park: The Game last August over in Germany at Gamescom 2011. While we walked away impressed with Telltale's attention to detail and obvious love of the series, the tightly scripted structure and oh-so-plastic visuals left us feeling a mite ambiguous over the whole affair. And we've more bad news to report, especially for Xbox 360 owners in Europe hoping to pick up Jurassic Park: The Game on its projected November release date, as due to publisher issues, Telltale has been forced to push that particular version back to 2012.

"Europe is a big deal to us so we're working hard to have the game out on PSN in Europe on the same day as here in North America. We'll be able to confirm that soon hopefully," Telltale revealed on a forum post on their official site. The PS3 version of the game, in both North America and Europe, is all set for November 15th, along with its PC counterpart. The 360 version, however, isn't so lucky.

"As for Xbox 360, we are not a European publisher i.e., we don't have a European office. That means that we need a publishing partner over there to get the game out to you," laments Telltale. "he good news is that we'll be able to make an announcement on that soon. So, while we won't be able to get the 360 version to you before the end of the year, we'll do everything that we can to get it to you as soon as possible."

To be honest, I somewhat doubt Jurassic Park: The Game will prove to be so good European 360 owners feel that left out by missing out on release by a few months, but it's a sad state of affairs all round. Why Telltale have been unable to find a publisher for a Jurassic Park game in general is a tad baffling, especially considering the original film trilogy was just re-released on Blu-Ray. Very odd, indeed. [Telltale Games]

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