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Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game Review | Quick Time Extinction Event

Jonathan Lester
Jurassic Park: The Game, PC games, PS3 games, QTE, Telltale Games, Xbox 360 games
Jurassic Park: The Game | PC

Jurassic Park: The Game Review | Quick Time Extinction Event

Platforms: PC (reviewed) | PS3 | Xbox 360

Developer: Telltale Games

Jurassic Park deserves a great game. Spielberg's masterwork one of the most beloved blockbusters of our era, and many of us have been hoping and praying for a videogame that manages to capture the essence of 1993's magnum opus. Telltale's acquisition of the license was cause to make merry - with their back catalogue paying tribute to a developer who treats classic movies with the respect they deserve.

For lovers of the film, Telltale's latest title is certainly a reverential and respectful revist to the island - which is sprawling enough to allow the characters to explore new areas and story arcs without stepping on the original canon. Dinosaurs, both old and new, are introduced in thoughtful and well-paced ways; arriving like old friends who we haven't seen for years. The characters, from a meddling environmentalist doctor to a hard-bitten mercenary tasked with her retrieval, are brilliantly voice acted and eminently relatable. Diehard fans will be in for a treat - both as a nostalgic thrill and an exciting new take on the seminal franchise. As a reunion tour, it's incredibly hard to fault.

This all would have worked brilliantly as a feature film, graphic novel or punchy paperback. But Jurassic Park probably shouldn't have been resurrected as a game. Not this game, at any rate.

Jurassic Park: The Game Review | Quick Time Extinction Event

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