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Just Dance 3

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Just Dance 3
  • Wii from £ 12.85
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Just Dance 3 | £18.74 | Game | Wii

Tom Silkstone
Dancing Games, Games deals, Kinect, Ubisoft, Ubisoft Paris, Wii games
Just Dance 3 | Wii

Just Dance 3 | £18.74 | Game | Wii

If Kinect's good for anything it's dancing games and Just Dance 3's one of the best out there! The set list's great, you can record your own routines, and the four player multiplayer's pretty much guaranteed to always put a smile on your face. Unfortunately the menus aren't brilliant and the single player could have been spiced up a bit. Game are parting with Wii copies for £18.74, which'll make you a saving of over £3 on the next best offer coming in from ShopTo. Thanks to surfbunny @ HUKD.