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Kane & Lynch 2 | £15.49 | Coolshop | PC

Jonathan Lester
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Kane & Lynch 2 | £15.49 | Coolshop | PC

Thanks IO. Thanks for casting aside the phenomenally successful and beloved Hitman franchise for another stab at the thoroughly unpleasant Kane & Lynch. This time around, the unlikeable duo are fighting their way out of Shanghai- and in all fairness, it's a much more capable shooter than its predecessor. The cover system works extremely well and a stylish handcam-style perspective makes for a divisive visual flair... but the singleplayer campaign is basically a short and unpleasant few hours of swearing, floaty guns, more swearing and some more absolutely uncecessary swearing. However, multiplayer is fun in short doses and features some interesting game modes. Is Kane & Lynch 2 worth full price? No way. But this is more like it. Thanks to amibees at Hot UK Deals.

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