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Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days | £13.85 | ShopTo | Xbox 360

Felix Kemp
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Xbox 360

Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days | £13.85 | ShopTo | Xbox 360

I've yet to experience either of the Kane and Lynch games, but I hear that's no bad thing. While they both look like solid titles, and I'm especially impressed by the visual presentation of 2, they don't excite me enough to warrant a purchase or even a rental. However, if you're interest is suitably piqued, and you've got £13.85 clinking around in your pocket, then ShopTo are currently offering Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for that exact price. Sadly, Dog Days isn't a canine reinvention of the series, relocating the titular duo to the neon grime of Shanghai. What Dog Days lacks in cutting-edge tech and inventive gameplay, it in someway makes up for in original presentation. Jumping on the Youtube zeitgeist of hand-held, so-called 'shakycam' direction, Dog Days plays out as if Kane and Lynch are being followed by some budding your documentary filmmaker, armed only with a cheap video-camera and an iron set of... well, you know! Click on the link above to read Matt's review and find out more.

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Jim  Oct. 17, 2010 at 22:46

What is "Dog Dags"? Lol

Felix Kemp  Oct. 18, 2010 at 15:25

Corrected. Cheers!


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