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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days £26.96 @ GameSeek [PS3/360 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days £26.96 @ GameSeek [PS3/360 Games]

At over £10 cheaper than the next best price, this is one hell of a pre-order for PS3 and 360 gamers. It’s like a PC game price!

The first game may have been a bit rubbish, but we’re kind of glad it’s getting a sequel to build on its obvious potential. There’s even a film on the way with Bruce Willis in the role of Kane and rumours pinging around about who’s going to play the nutjob, white-trash schizo, Lynch, including the likes of Billy Bob Thornton (potentially great) and Jamie Foxx (erm ok then).

Before that though we’ll be getting our teeth into the game’s sequel which is getting a visual overhaul to make it stand out in the overcrowded third-person shooter market. The game’s camera will be going for a handheld ‘gritty’ feel with it shaking around adding to the chaotic atmosphere of the shootouts. Think Cloverfield and YouTube. Current ‘gameplay’ trailers haven’t really let us get a good look at this outside of cutscenes but we’re eager to try anything new.

The action will take place over a few days in Shanghai as gaming’s odd couple team up again, but with players now stepping into the shoes of Lynch instead. You know, the one that’s completely f****d in the head.

There will be co-op modes, but more importantly the Fragile Alliance mode will return for multiplayer. This was an excellent online mode in the first game. It involved two teams, cops vs. robbers, during a heist, with the robbers teaming up to collect as much loot as possible before trying to escape. However at any point, robbers could turn on each other to try and earn a bigger share. Anyone they killed though would come back as a cop, seeking revenge. A fantastic idea, only let down by the poor shooting gameplay.

So it’s great to hear that the aiming and cover system are getting fixed too. Combine that with the new camera system and it would seem that Io Interactive has taken the first game’s criticism on board and made steps to smash their way into gamer’s homes once again.

Thanks to HappyCanMan for the find at HotUkDeals

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Jerec  Apr. 8, 2010 at 13:31

Shame, I'd of thought Bruce would of been better as Lunch, he's got the hair for it at least.

New vid for this looks superb, enjoyed the first too.

Jerec  Apr. 8, 2010 at 13:32

Lol! Lunch!

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