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Katamari Forever £12.85 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Katamari Forever £12.85 @ Simply Games [PS3 Games]

So imagine you're a tiny little midget with a lime Tic-Tac for a head and your daddy is the King of All Cosmos and after a minor calamitous mishap involving the King's robotic brother, whichessentially spells a certain amount of comedic doom for all planets and stars everywhere, you have to take what is basically a giant ball of velcro or never ending sticky tape and roll up a whole bunch of objects and matter to replace the planets and stars that were accidentally destroyed. Well, that's one part of the game, the other involves the King smacking his head and losing a bunch of memories, so you have to roll up more stuff - this time in black and white - and restore the colour, and also his mind.

Welcome to the wonderfully insane world of Katamari! If you fancy playing a game, literally quite like no other (except for close sibling, and even weirder crazy-fest, Noby Noby Boy) then you'd do well to pop over to Simply Games and start rolling for £12.85, which is over £2 than the next price at Amazon.

It's hard to describe what it is that makes Katamari so very addictive. Perhaps it's the sheer ridiculousness of it all, tittering to oneself as you roll up a hilariously blocky pedestrian and their dog and their legs stick out of your ever expanding katamari, wiggling in indignation. Or maybe it's the resolutely upbeat J-pop soundtrack and the gloriously colourful presentation. Perhaps it's the fact that there's no other game out there that quite encapsulates the spirit of 'WTF' as this.

It could use online multiplayer - the split screen stuff in Katamari Damacy was frankly awful - but there are online leaderboards to keep you coming back and pushing for ever higher scores. It's pretty repetitive to be honest, and probably wouldn't be worth full price, but for sub-£15 is a pretty good pick-up.

Thanks to tinodz at HUKD

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